What I Can Control

I’ve been looking into Paleo and the Whole 30 thing. We’ve done the Paleo diet in the past. I do admit that we did feel good while we followed the diet, but it all fell downhill once I was hospitalized to start chemotherapy in 2011. Let me tell you, the hospital is no place to rest and enjoy nutritious, wholesome, delicious food – but, I will say that out of all of my hospital stays, Wake Forest was the best experience, food-wise, out of all of them.
Anywho, I have a hard time coping with food restrictions. My inner rebel just makes me want it even more. I’m not normally a sweets person, nor am I a big pasta or bread person. But to tell me that I can’t have it, well, then I just want it more.
However, my reality is that my blood pressure and blood sugar run high. I have an autoimmune disorder. I’m a cancer survivor. I have osteopenia. My stomach hurts when I eat certain foods and I suffer from chronic pain and fatigue.
I’m only 40. I have a family to care for and be there for. I can’t do that if I’m sick. I can’t control my past and I can’t control the GVHD. But I can control my fatigue and blood levels. I can control my environment. I can control what I put in and on my body. I’ve begun a food diary and I’m meal planning so that I don’t fall back on convenience foods. I’ll figure out what works for my body and what doesn’t while I learn more about GVHD and the treatment I recently started called Photophoresis. I’m looking into sprouting beans and I’m going to experiment with different flours to see what agrees with me and what doesn’t. It’s a new challenge. I’m up for the task. It just takes planning and preparation.

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