About Me

Hi There, I’m Beth!

I am a homeschooling stay at home mom with a passion for food, family, and a life well lived.

On December first, 2011, I woke up to the news that I had leukemia. Needless to say, that news changed my life. I fought cancer for nearly six years until I was fortunate enough to receive a bone marrow transplant. Now it’s time to focus on my recovery and overall wellness.

Wellness and Recovery

In addition to my health and wellbeing, my family is my priority. The day I was diagnosed, the one thing I knew I wanted was more time with my husband and children. In order to do that, I have to be the best version of myself that I can be. For me, that means feeling healthy and strong, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Food and Friendship

Food and nutrition are important to healing and living a healthy life, and the kitchen is my happy place. I’ll be learning new techniques as well as trying and sharing new foods and recipes. I also believe that food is meant to be enjoyed and eating should not be a chore. I love to feed people and entertaining others is a favorite pastime.

House and Home

My home is my sanctuary. For too long, I had to let my routine go while I depended on my husband and children to do basic maintenance.  As I regain strength, I am motivated to make my place a comfortable and inviting home. I am also learning how to transition to a more natural approach to sustainable living.

DIY and Crafts

Creativity and play are important to growth and development. I see no reason we should stop as we age. After all, a childlike sense of wonder is the fountain of youth. I like to create things and I enjoy working with my hands. I’ve always been a DIY chick, talents I gained from my mother and great-grandmother. It brings me more joy to see a project to completion.

Learning and Challenges

I love to learn and I have found that I find encouragement in a good challenge. As a homeschooling mom, I find it best to lead my children by example. After all, how can I expect them to be passionate about learning if I’m not? In order to grow my skillset, I like to employ 30-day challenges. That way, it’s enough to commit myself for a limited time. If I don’t like it, I know that I at least tried and I learned something from the experience. If I do like it, I’ve built a habit. Win-win!

Thank you for joining me. I hope that I can provide some insight into what it’s like to be a mom and recovering leukemia survivor and I hope to learn from the experience of others.